The Guise Review

What is fantasy for you? Beautiful meadows, big cities, elves with orcs, colorfull locations, brave characters and big wars. What if you look at the genre from a slightly different angle? Without all this pathos and bright colors.

«The Guise» is a dark fantasy adventure set in a large interconnected world saturated with an atmosphere of doom and decay.

The main character is an ordinary boy turned into a monster. You have to master the abilities of a new body and try to preserve the remnants of your humanity. On your side — bestial agility, monstrous strength and opportunities that are inaccessible to ordinary people. Against you, thanks to your new appearance — (almost) everything alive and inanimate.



The storyline of this game is a vivid example of the fact that if you are told not to enter somewhere, not to do something, or a clearly frightening sign is drawn on the door, then it is better not to do this. But the inhabitants of the orphanage, in which our storyline begins, decided to disregard this rule — as soon as a rather strange lady with a pale face and long white hair went about her business, they decided to go into her room. It was just creepy there, but the kids decided not to stop there — the boy, being the most courageous, took and tried on some kind of mask. It just ended up turning the guy into a terrible creature, which is now forced to absorb other creatures for survival. And it was just necessary not to enter where they were told not to enter!


The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward — we have the ability to move forward and backward, plus our character can jump, jump high, if we sit down before that, plus go down. Yes, it is also worth noting the ability to attack the enemy, collect souls and then heal ourselves when the required amount is reached, and we can also dodge enemy attacks. A pretty good set of functions turns out — you can fight, play a platformer, and even go through locations without fighting opponents. All this is done to make it relatively difficult for you, but not too much. I liked the gameplay because it doesn’t have a lot of different details and mechanics that need to be memorized — you can play right away and get a lot of pleasure from the process. This is cool and some developers simply forget about it.


I understand that The Guise was clearly created with an eye on the console gamepad, because there is no other way to explain the spread of controllers and the fact that the mouse is not used at all. On the other hand, I cannot say that this is too difficult a game for the keyboard — all the keys are in place, it is convenient to dodge or hit, and heal yourself too. Of course, if you have a gamepad, it will be three times easier, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry, the gameplay still gives you the opportunity to enjoy what is happening on the screen. At the same time, I would like to say that I did not find the opportunity to reconfigure the buttons on the keyboard — there is no such thing in the settings. Perhaps if you open files and games and dig around, you will find something similar, but I would not recommend it. It’s strange that there is no such function in the game.



The developers promised us a rather sad dark setting — they kept their word. The game is gloomy, the opponents are terrifying in some places, and in some places they just become disgusting, plus the general narrative and effects are built in such a way that you will not relax and enjoy yourself here. This is a fairy tale, only in very dark colors — with deaths, murders, terrible creatures and other troubles that can occur in the vastness of the fictional world. Although, of course, it still does not pull on a horror movie — you can play even at night by sticking headphones deeper into your ears.


The project is very peculiar, since the developers clearly did not think to make it massive. This is a game for those who want to try fantasy, but not about elves in bright clothes pouring ale and shooting golden bows, but quite another. There are horrors here, it is dark and scary, in some places the body gets goose bumps, and the plot itself makes people horrified at the cruelty and greed of people. I strongly advise you to try it.

Summing up, it should be mentioned that the game’s map is large, there are many locations, and you will have to return a lot to get to previously inaccessible places. For defeating bosses, we get their abilities. The game looks and sounds great, the controls are very convenient, the plot is interesting. I highly recommend it for platformer lovers!