Due Process review

After playing this game for many hours I just want to say that this game has insane potential. I think it could easily rival games like Valorant or even CSGO if it’s marketed right (generate the hype). The game is very well balanced. There is just enough weapons and equipment so that the game still feels fresh even after hundreds of matches, but there isn’t so many types of weapons and equipment that it is impossible to account/plan for all the potential ways you could die. It really is a simple game with a complex meta.

I also learn something new about the meta game every 20 or so matches.

New players will look at the map and only consider things like breach points, choke points, where the bomb is in relation to where you enter.

Experienced players will see all of that plus long sight lanes, spots where the enemy will most likely use or place equipment, places to use the wall charge, good walls to shoot through, when and where to use certain guns or equipment, and they will take all of that into account when deciding the plan.

obviously the game has its glitches in beta. There is one thing that I hope the devs fix. The game needs more optimization. Why am I able to run triple A games at 200+ FPS but in this game I barely get a consistent 120? Even with my graphics on low. And drawing a lot of stuff on the map significantly drops your frames. You can get the frames to drop extremely low if all the players on your team attempt to draw tons of squiggles at the same time. The gunplay is so fast paced that high frames and low response times really matter. Two of your dead team mates playing tic tac toe on the map can actually impair their team mates still alive during a round.

Other than that this game is fantastic.