DayZ review

DayZ is the best thing that’s happened to me lately. If you noticed comments saying that the game has a large number of bugs and cheaters, do not believe them! These are either very old comments, or the one who wrote them was too lazy to play at least 10 minutes.  For all 70 + hours spent in the game, I did not meet a single cheater, but let me explain what the commentators had in mind. Ordinary players just sit in the center of the map and wait for newcomers to cut down their trophies and other loot. In order not to collide with such cheaters, just do not go out into the open space, it is better to go through the forest.

There is one function that I really liked — double-click Ctrl, this is a new option, and probably not everyone knows about its existence and what it is. Everything is quite simple – this is a constant walking mode.  With its help, you can easily wander in front of zombies and not particularly steamed.

Let’s get back to the game. Of course, collecting trophies is very important, but that’s not the point of the game. All you need is a knife, a shovel, an axe, vital food and water, a roomy backpack, as well as a couple of barrels. By the way, the new patch has become available and first aid kit. If you want everything to be just perfect, you still need a tripod for a fire, a tent and some kind of vessel, I think a pan will do. All this inventory can be found in the village. Yes, not in the first village, but along the way you will find a lot of interesting items.

Traveling around the area will take you longer, but it’s worth it. Just imagine, you have all the necessary things, and you can camp anywhere, so why not find the most picturesque? If you are tired of moving, take up arms and go hunting, for this will do and the most ordinary gun. Do you want to settle on a farm? Take a shovel and go! And most importantly, the game mechanics allow you to combine all this with shootouts. If you want – explore the map, if you want some blood – take a weapon and go on an adventure.

What surprised me was that I have never died in this style of a game, either from a player or from any other factors. Of course, I changed servers to find a suitable one, but no one canceled the mods, right?

Now let’s look at all the positive and not-so-positive aspects of the game.

I don’t know why, but I was annoyed by the characters’ hair when it passed through their headdresses… sorry, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I hope that this was removed with the release of the new patch, I haven’t managed to get it started yet. However, I have already seen two types of characters, and this strange stuff with hair was not there.

Speaking of medications. Yes, some of them can be used in the new patch, but as for me, they are not necessary.

And now a personal minus for me, or rather for my style of play – the Steam Workshop and the community server. There are many wonderful mods, but most of them are mods for new barrels and building invulnerable bases. All this leads to a large development of random buildings, constructions, bases. But there are no companions for taste and color. I’m more than sure you’ll like it.

If you are playing on an official server in the first person, prepare for the fact that online will be low. Personally, this is a plus for me, and does not harm my style of game, but for someone it can become a repulsive factor.

And now let’s move on to the most significant, most important advantage – the map. The one who created it is just a genius and a master of his craft. When you walk through the forest, it looks very natural, there are no template, repetitive trees and landscapes, everything looks very realistic. Along the paths, you can generally walk for hours, watch animals, visit some sights or just beautiful places along the way, and sometimes you will be able to find someone’s caches. This is probably the only game that very successfully conveys the atmosphere of the USSR, all these buildings – panel floors, villages, hospitals, so well combined with huge forests. The whole atmosphere is so unreal that I can’t put it into words, it needs to be seen.

As for the sound design, developers also did their best here. Everything is very well thought out, corresponding to the sounds of nature, the city, day and night lifestyle. Even the echo of gunfire can be heard.

Now let’s go to the mechanics. Strange as it may seem, but I have no complaints here either. Have you ever seen a character open and eat canned food in a game? That’s right, everything is thought out to the smallest details, whether it is canned food, or filling the gun magazine. Here you can see weapons in a terrible state that always sticks, various things in perfect condition, or something rusty, unusable. You can also notice unusual little things here, such as a radio on the shoulder of a backpack, you can drink from the column, different containers with liquids, you can cook something on the fire, and much more that is not present in other games.

To my surprise, the game is very optimized, even if you have an old computer, on average settings the game is stable 60 fps. During the entire game, I did not notice any bugs that broke the game or spoilt the atmosphere, of course, they are, but they are not significant at all.

In general, this is all I can say – the game is definitely worth the money. Just be careful when starting to play watch the time, because it flies sooo fast, you will not even have time to notice how the sun is already rising outside the window. Good luck, hope I’ll see you in the vastness of Chernarus.