Tainted Grail review

The Studio Awaken Realms decided to transfer the successful Board game role-playing game Tainted Grail to a digital version. The action of the RPG takes place in the dark world of legends about king Arthur, which features Cyclops, trolls, three-headed dragons and other monsters. Players will be able to equip the village, pump up various characters, and fights will take place in a step-by-step card mode. In early access, the game will have a three-hour campaign entry, as well as a roguelike Conquest mode, in which the scene, enemies, and other situations will be generated randomly.

Cuanact is on the verge of destruction, the barren fields have not brought enough food for survival for a long time, and the collapsed walls of the fortress do not protect. The forces of evil are approaching faster and faster. Despite all this, the people who live there are not going to leave this place. Lord Evaine sent his best four warriors and sent them to Camelot for help, but they never returned. Desperate residents were left to wait for their new heroes and believe that they have a chance to win.

At the moment the game has two modes: the Tainted Grail Campaign and the Tainted Grail Conquest.  Now the campaign is a kind of teaser story experience, and your choice will only affect the fate of avalon.

It is worth noting that the conquest mode is primarily intended for experienced, hardcore players who destroy animals in order to develop their village and skills. During the conquest, you will have to die many times, every time you are reborn, you will start in your village. Interesting is the creation of a character, you can choose the gender, hairstyle, beard, change their color, you can also choose the skin color.

After you have created a character, proceed to choose the appearance, then select the Class and Rune. So far, there is only one class – a Warrior, but soon the developers promise to add more. On account of runes, you have a choice between Brawler, Guardian and berserk .If you prefer to deal heavy damage to a single opponent, the brawler Rune will help you. Rune of the guardian focuses on a series connection of cards in the advanced combos. With the Berserker Rune, the more health points you have, the more power points you will get. That’s it, let’s start the game.

At the beginning of the game, you find yourself in a clearing, standing next to a huge statue of a menhir and destroyed buildings on the edge of the clearing. There is a campfire with several tents and only one path leading from the village, and there is a strong blue fog around — the Wyrdness. Once you enter it, you should know that things that happen there are not always real and often do not correspond to the map. Staying in the Wyrdness character becomes weaker, it is also more difficult to fight, but it is worth it, because the rewards will be more profitable. But it is important to remember that if you are in a fog for too long, it will cloud your mind.

Moving further along the map, you will meet more and more enemies. If you hover the cursor over an enemy, you can get information about them. If you approach them, it will provoke a fight and the battle screen will open before you. At the bottom of the screen there are your cards for the current move, and on the right side – the energy indicator and the final move.  In the upper corner you can see the state of your rune, and as soon as the space is filled you can apply it again. Above are your game items and weapons and armor statistics, and in the right corner of the screen — your skills that are available to you.

Tainted Grail is a turn-based game and you will be the first to enter the battle when it starts. For each move, you have a set of cards from your own deck. When you select a map, in the left corner you will have information about the energy, the type of map and what features it gives. Another tip is to keep an eye on your opponent’s health, and hover your cursor over them for detailed information about them and their intentions.

It is very good that in the game you can encounter some characters with whom you can cooperate, and perhaps they will join you.

When you die your game stats will be displayed: Total Wealth Gained, Total Wyrdshards Gained, Total Damage Dealt, Enemies Killed, Rounds Fought and Total Cards Played. If you continue the game, you will be reborn in the village, but without all the items that you collected before you died. However, all the characters that you added to your village, as well as all the new areas on the map. But if you want to leave the game, you will lose all new companions and new sections and start from scratch.

The campaign mode takes place in Cuanacht, but the Wyrdness is getting closer to the city. To protect your city, you need to complete various tasks. At the moment, the campaign history game is not over yet, and you can only play for a few hours.  But this is only in early access, and the developers plan to complete the campaign history soon.

The game is very atmospheric due to its dark design and logic of what is happening. The character survives, dreams (and at a high level of horror — nightmares), interacts with everything around. And all this is presented in the form of picturesque sketches with consequences. Even the passage of contacts draws a picture of the battle or negotiations thanks to illustrations on maps that add up to a panorama.

I would like to mention the music that creates 50% of the atmosphere — the one who created it worked hard. And the voice actors played well, all the voices perfectly fell into the characters and events. Well done.

So, without any doubt, I recommend this game to all fans of games in the style of rogue-like. Although the game is still in early access, but the potential is already visible.