Into the Radius review

Into the Radius is a virtual reality game about forays into an anomalous zone called Radius.

The action takes place in 2002. The main character is one of the rare «lucky ones» who can enter and exit the anomalous zone, which appeared in 1987 near the city of Pechersk in one of the Eastern European countries. The boundaries of the zone in the form of impenetrable white fog are a regular circle with a radius of 20 kilometers, which is why it got its name.

It has been 15 years since the zone’s unexpected appearance. Scientists have not been able to find out its nature and internal properties, the military has ceased to see it as a danger and hope to benefit from it. Therefore, an international organization was created, which was entrusted with the duties of monitoring and protecting the Radius, and all those able to walk in the zone were transferred to its disposal.

The main character has a base in a deserted area near the border of the Radius and a contract for regular trips to the zone, which he needs to work out. This is what the player will have to do, and along the way learn a lot about it, get to the heart of the Radius and decide the fate of man and humanity.

As for the game world — the real world, an anomalous zone on the territory of an Eastern European country, full of various anomalies, monsters and artifacts, and a hero who makes sorties for the sake of production and information. The gameplay is focused on the preparation and the outings themselves, quite hardcore, requiring tactical thinking and deliberate actions.

The game has a guide to the passage, it is very informative and has already been improved. It introduces us to the mechanics of the game, providing an idea of how everything works. The only thing I had to think about was how to repair items. As it turned out, the place where you need to leave goods for delivery and there is the same area for repairing equipment.

When I finished with the manual, I began to explore the «Radius». You have the opportunity to choose one of two types of missions – story or side missions. If you urgently need to earn some money, there is just a side mission for this, then you can accumulate about 300 dollars. Also, it is a good way to collect artifacts that are acquired by killing or you can just find them. To search for artifacts, you need to use AD-15, which is an artifact detector. The closer you get to the artifact, the stronger it will sound. Of course, the main mission will bring you much more, but here you need to consider that the difficulty of passing the game will be higher. The main missions are very dynamic, just a delight!

The inventory system is unique in its way, but a little clumsy. For example, when I crouched down and tried to sneak in, your chest doesn’t match where your head and hands are facing. This can cause difficulties when trying to grab your weapon to destroy the enemy. What I was very happy with was the management of items from the backpack. If you have time to rearrange everything in your backpack after a jam, it’s very easy to do.

As for the graphics and mechanics, everything is super here too. You aim, you shoot, and you hit the bull’s-eye. It is very convenient that the sights on Makarov are luminous, given that sometimes the terrain is quite dark.

Speaking of darkness. This is a survival game, don’t forget that you need to eat and sleep. You will have to set up a camp somewhere, every time I wondered if I would be attacked before I Wake up or after. All this time, you should be on your guard after you pull out your sleeping bag and fall asleep.

The only problem I’ve encountered is that my enemies have been revived too often. Sometimes it is difficult to get to an Outpost, destroy all the enemies, and later discover that they are all alive. Some of them are quite difficult to kill, you will take a lot of health and you will need to heal. Of course, you can always buy a couple of stimpaks to be treated on the go, but you need to have enough money.

I can officially say that this game is worth buying, if the difficulty of survival is what you like