Spellcaster University

Spellcaster University is a simulation and strategy game developed by Sneaky Yak Studio for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, and you can highlight the following features: strategy, simulator, indie, kickstarter, fantasy, management. You will have access to such game modes as «for one player». Brief summary — an interesting setting, not devoid of humor, sticky mechanics and simple gameplay.

The toy is eloquent — you really are charged with running your own University of magic and magical arts, just like Hogwarts! If you play around, you can also hook up with Slytherin and Gryffindor. The magical world where the school is located is regularly subjected to seasonal attacks by the Dark Lord, who, as scheduled, comes to smash and plunder the local land with his army of the living dead. And it is so vile that even orcs and humans join forces at the time of the invasion and forget ryaspri and the taste of human peasants. But in one wonderful moment, someone miscalculated the calendar — and the dark Lord’s armies fell like a snowball for our public services, and in the first place destroyed your school of magic.

That’s the kind of turbulent time you have to live in. School, students and teachers run away from the evil forces, begin, along with you, to rebuild a new educational institution that will train wizards and spooks, until… the Dark Lord decides that the wizards are too over-played and does not burn the school to hell a second time. This is the main gameplay moment, you can only live in peace in the «infinite» mode, but it is better to really play in the beginning in the company. Seven times the Dark Lord will come and burn everything that you have earned, and six times you will have to run away from him to start in a new place on the map. Each such location has its own characteristics, buffs (and mostly debuffs like suffocating heat in the deserts) and, as a rule, a local quest and a unique fraction. And on the seventh — to give the final battle, summing up the success of all previous iterations. Have you managed to teach magic to complete dummies, making them decent wizards? Attaboy. Performed sidequests for each of the zones, and maintained good relations with all the forces in the region, both the Crown and the Inquisition, the orcs, and the peasants? Nice.

The game has two main resources: classic gold and mana of five different colors/schools of magic. The first is obtained quite banal, due to begging from the surrounding fractions, patronage of patrons and paid meals in canteens. The second resource is produced by students during their studies. As a bonus, of course, you can get them by third-party methods, but this will not give you a stable influx of them. You will have to build a school, surprisingly, not just by spending gold and «mana» on new rooms and classes, arranging and rebuilding everything according to the plan, but by drawing random cards from 6 different decks for these resources. Yes, there is a card mechanic that makes the game a fair share of randomness — what fell out, and play with it. The 5th deck of cards belong to different schools of magic, and you can get them as new classrooms, as well as artifacts to improve rooms or animals that give bonuses to students and teachers. From the 6th, common deck, you will get basic structures, such as starting classes of dark and light magic, or dining and dining rooms. There are also items-amplifiers that you collect, and students gaining experience in new schools of magic, will acquire them automatically, receiving devil horns and magic amulets with bonuses to their studies and Mano-production. Fighting with random or relying on it, all this you will have to use that would be in a short (or not very, as you put in the settings) time to prepare as many graduates who have achieved success in life, and not settled as farmers in a neighboring village from lack of talent.

About students and teachers. Each of them has its own worldview. This item affects their interaction with teachers who have the same characteristics, but are on the other side of the barricades. Then there are their intellectual abilities, grading from impenetrable fools to briliants of mind and thought. After that, there are unique characteristics, such as» noise»,» affiliation to the dark arts»,» gluttony «or» bravery», which may or may not be at all. Last but not least, your students may be both rich and poor — and this, very importantly, depends not just «how much gold they can bring to the school», but whether they will even want to do it!

Oh, Yes. Both students and teachers want to eat, sleep, not be bored and also have mental and physical health. So far, strangely enough, only students can die, but teachers, when attacked by evil forces, calmly continue the fight at zero health. Both teachers and students are presented as random, but if you can refuse a student, then with the professors you must choose one. You can’t replace it later, and you can’t fire it. And if random throws you a choice of a dilettante-a glutton and a dolt-a talker, each of which has debafs to teach students, so it will also lower their characteristics, but will ask for an increased rate.

As for diplomacy, everything is very simple. There are a number of fractions that may want to get something from you and that you can get something from. Diplomacy comes down to meeting their requests and rare courtesy calls on the main map, which also give diplomatic points. Relationship bad? Each fraction will have its own reason to mess up, but mostly to your school just visit a brigade of brave fighters either in rattling armor, or greenskin and with clubs. From time to time the Dark Lord’s skeletons  will raid.

All battles take place completely without your participation. And how, in fact, will your life be spent: you arrange the first rooms, draw cards from the decks for luck, add new classes or subjects to the school, hire teachers and call the first students. The first diplomatic events and a few random events pop up. You are developing-developing. You draw maps, take new teachers, set up new rooms and study halls. You throw objects and artifacts everywhere. If you are lucky with items, you will learn the mechanics of alchemy — which will allow you to collect extremely useful potions from the ingredients that give you resources.. And then the Dark Lord comes and you start from the beginning, but on a new earth and with new difficulties.

Still, the game is very fun and exciting. If you have a couple of free hours a day, this is a good solution.