Hypercharge: Unboxed

Sometimes, though quite rarely, small studios produce phenomenal projects that bring a lot of positive emotions. For some, this is a great chance to get a cool product for a little money, and for others-just another release that will take up a hundred hours of free time.

Hypercharge: Unboxed is a first-person shooter in which you have to play for plastic figures. The game has two main modes: co-op and PVP. In the first, you need to protect the hyperkernel from destruction by playing in a group of four people, and in the second, you can fight against other players in team battles.

If you are not sure about the purchase, but on the Hypercharge: Unboxed page on Steam, there is a link to the demo version that will allow you to try out the game.

Gameplay. The developers have presented a rather interesting shooter mechanics that allows you to enjoy the war with both artificial intelligence and real players from around the world. The essence of the game is shooting and that I will not say further, but the main part of what you will do is to destroy opponents. You can do this in single-player mode, fighting with bots and destroying them with various weapons, you can play in the tower defense mode, when crowds of enemies run to your building, and you destroy them with advanced barrels, or you can fight with real people and show them your skill level. The game gives you the opportunity not to get bored, because all the modes feel interesting and they are radically different from each other. For many users who are tired of the usual modes, this is like a breath of fresh air.

Graphics. I really liked the graphics in this game, as it looks quite attractive and unusual. HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is drawn in the format of a toy world, where you play the role of a small soldier, and everything around is very large. As a child, probably you watched a movie about toy soldiers who suddenly came to life and started fighting each other and it looked as interesting as possible. Now you have the opportunity to feel like a soldier yourself — you pick up a blaster and go to fight with the enemy, having fun. The virtual world is very well developed, it looks stylish, beautiful and attractive.

Previously, the game had only one mode with the protection of its main structure — the player had to fend off enemy attacks and this is quite an exciting process. The waves are gradually getting stronger, and you get to build protective towers and everything like that. However, the developers realized that one mode is not enough for you to enjoy the gameplay. For the sake of attracting attention, the authors added a very interesting feature — we have a cooperative mode for two, which allows you to play with a friend and enjoy the next kill of the enemy, and there is a user-against-user mode, which is also cool and brings a lot of emotions. Of course, this is not exactly a competitive game and it has a lot of points that do not allow the game to become a discipline in eSports, but the developers did not aim for this. They made a game for fun.

The game is very fun and this, I think, is the most important thing — you come here and get a lot of positive emotions. Colorful graphics, lots of shots, but there is no sense of violence, plus there is no serious load on the processor or video card. This is enough so that I can recommend the product to everyone with a happy soul. Especially the toy is suitable for those who want to play in a cooperative — it is insanely fun and cool. You literally go straight to childhood to be in the skin of a soldier.