Summer in Mara — Wonderfull summer indie-game

Summer in Mara  is an adventure open-world exploration with elements of survival, management, construction, and RPG. You will not only surf the ocean on your boat and perform tasks of local residents, but also equip the island, extract resources, build various structures, create things, cook food, farm and trade.

Developers finally moved away from the worn-out tie about the hero’s inheritance from his uncle that suddenly fell on his head and told a touching story about a girl named Koa, found during a shipwreck by an elderly Keeper of the island.

In the role of a girl named Koa, we can say that we know the world around us. Aunt Haku, who saved Koa when she was an infant, teaches us basic things like creating tools, cutting trees, harvesting crops, and much more. After training, she stops leading us by the handle – we are free to get into the boat (after fixing it, of course) and go to the next location, where life is raging. If on our native island you almost do not meet anyone, then there is a whole settlement with shops, a market and a bunch of residents.

The game starts promisingly: here you can create items, collect resources, and grow fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of crops. Dialogues seem to have no end, quests appear one after another. When the second island opens, all this becomes even more: the list of tasks constantly increases, Koa learns dozens of new recipes, and then you can travel to other places-not so busy, but still necessary to get resources and complete tasks.

the game takes place on several Islands at once, between which the heroine travels by boat, and the surrounding world and its inhabitants remind of the works of the Japanese storyteller Miyazaki.

To find out the secret of her own origin and help a cute creature that was washed up on your shores by the will of storms, the girl will have to go a long way, make a lot of different friends and, of course, learn to cook delicious food – because the way to any heart is through the stomach.

Almost every character selflessly exploits the quick feet of the heroine, forcing the child to collect resources for them, conduct business negotiations and grow food, but the contagiously positive Koa is not averse to respond to their needs.

To perform craft tasks, the girl has an entire island at her disposal, which already has several beds, fertile soil, and even a personal mine. The heroine is engaged in manufacturing in the house: there she creates dishes, crafts tools and materials.

In this respect, the game, unfortunately, can not boast of a wealth of features. The number of trees is very limited, only a few beds are available, and there will be no modifications to the machines or customization of the house.

But Koa can walk along the beach and collect shells for sale, see what the wave brought, go fishing, collect sun-filled fruits, diversify the garden with new plants, make simple structures or repair long-abandoned ones.

Koa is hungry and tired. If the girl is malnourished, the scale of endurance will begin to go to zero much faster. If the value is low, the heroine will not be able to run fast and perform any actions, and if it is zero, she will fall asleep and Wake up tired in the morning.

Fortunately, there should not be a lack of sleep and food, because in addition to cooked dishes and plants, which the Koa is happy to eat raw materials, there are hotels and vendors of all kinds in the cities that will give you a sleeping bag and what to get.

Each merchant will offer a certain range-from materials and food, to decorative and useful improvements. They are ready to buy all the girl’s products, but there are preferred ones-they are marked with an asterisk. Someone buys shells, someone needs bait, and someone values the ore or will pay well for cooked fish. Once you remember – you will not be left in the balance.

Most of the characters are warm to Koa, especially after the girl almost selflessly helps them Maybe you will not find any particularly deep characters here (after all, the game resembles a fairy tale in many ways, and the main villain actually appears only at the very end!), but at the same time, in their journey, the Koa are very different characters, among which there are cheaters, and mercantile traders, and other not the most pleasant personalities. Some of them will change in the process of communicating with Koa — say, the arrogant elite Aquila will start talking a little warmer, and the cheat Mayo will stop lying so brazenly — but someone like the local banker, and the grave will not fix! However, this will not prevent Koa from completing a whole handful of tasks for any more or less noticeable character, because each of them has its own storyline, sometimes no less interesting than the»main quest’’.

I have some complaints about dialogues. Perhaps something was lost during the translation, but sometimes the interlocutors accurately utter aloud thoughts unrelated to the topic of conversation, or give not too obvious instructions. Translation, by the way, is also not everywhere yet.

And due to the acute lack of employment for the main character, sometimes you just have to squander the days, waiting for the next vegetable to finally catch up on the quest. Of course, you could run through the same spots again and again, collect loot and increase your wealth, but there is no special sense in this.

As I described above, Koa are often sent home to build or grow something. Sometimes this way you have to go many times a day – it’s a little depressing and dries up the overall impression.

Undoubtedly, » Summer in Mara «is a very «summer» game, with a lot of tropical Islands, fruits and beaches: cloudy days are rare here, so most of the time we have to admire this tropical archipelago in the sunlight, enjoying beautiful sunsets and moonlit nights.

The gameplay is pleasant and relaxing. Everything is simple and intuitive. It’s a pleasure to play. Time flies by.

Summer in Mara – is a peaceful and warm summer fairy tale, and is suitable not only for adults, but even for the smallest children. There is no blood, violence, battles and shooting. The girl strives to help everyone she meets on the way (even enemies). The game teaches kindness, mercy, and the preservation of the surrounding world.

Despite the simplicity and somewhat monotonous gameplay, a cheerful, friendly girl, a bright world with its funny inhabitants and the mysterious history of the keepers of the Islands – still a good reason to spend a fleeting summer in the Mara.