Gold Rush: The Game — Still so good game?

is a racing and simulation game developed by Code Horizon for the PC platform. The game is made in the theme of the series, which is broadcast on the Discovery Channel. Until they built a 30-story building in front of my house and now my satellite dish only picks up noises. In this game we are invited to go to Alaska and feel yourself in the role of a gold miner. The first thing you should understand is the Sandbox, that is, the sandbox. And not in the sense that you have to dig in the ground. There is no plot or quests. You are thrown into the world, given a start-up capital of a few bucks and that’s it. Of course, the diary has instructions on how to start, such as going to the Bank, renting a plot, buying up at a local store, and others.

But after you start extracting the precious metal from the bowels of the earth, you will feel that your pockets begin to fill with dollars. And that’s when the real game begins, you can buy more expensive and massive equipment, which is no match for your plastic bucket and basin, at the very beginning of the game. In general, you are given the opportunity to search for gold on the stream. And this is really unusual. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like this in a game before.

The game world is quite small. We are given four zones for excavation with a town in the center. You can mine yellow metal in these four zones, which, by the way, work the laws of terraforming. In principle, Alaska looks good, everything really looks beautiful… But the world is empty. There are no cars on the roads, there are no pedestrians in the town, even there is no seller in the store.

What works so well from the start? Perhaps the logic of controlling equipment. Immediately there is a sense of thoroughness of the simulator. There is a separate button for the handbrake, and a separate button for the ignition. Switchable all-wheel drive, which is really better to turn off in the city and cut down on the road «into the hill» (and off the hill, too). Fuel is consumed and needs to be replenished, you can completely empty the battery and even break the wheel, after which you will need to replace it. And guess who will have to conduct it? That’s right – you personally will have to buy spare parts, work with a Jack, a screwdriver and a balloon.

With a tight financial limit at the start, all we can do (if we don’t include the cheat code «all for$ 1» in the game options) is buy the simplest sifting tray, a couple of buckets, throw everything in the pickup, drive to the Bank and rent the deadest mine in the area. After that, it remains to get to the mine itself, put the tray at the stream and take up the shovel. Fortunately, even in the most run-down place, there is enough gold under your feet to quickly dig up half a kilo (or even a whole kilogram) of gold in half an hour of grind.

But believe me, the first kilogram is the very beginning. As soon as we have at least a little money, immediately a) the landlord comes for his share (the same «old Arnold»), and b) there is a desire to go to the store and buy more equipment. To dig faster, to get more gold, to buy a richer mine… And dig again.

After a couple of hours of play, the gold will be enough for the first excavator-and the game will show its best sides. However, not everyone will be able to evaluate them. Control the excavator bucket with more than a dozen buttons, how do you like it? But about this time, the money will be enough to unlock the tablet, with all its «magic» functions, such as delivering goods from the store «to the threshold» (immediately to the mine), and even hiring «workers». Ordering via a tablet saves you time, but not money.

Yes, I also have all sorts of tanks for fuel, water, and a huge electric generator. So the entire infrastructure works like clockwork.

Equipment for exploration is not mandatory to buy, it can be rented for exploration from Old Arnold. By the way, where the gold mine, production has really grown. So, reconnaissance is useful.

And now about the employees. There are such interesting characters who do not work for You, but improve and ennoble your work. They can be hired. People work, help, and upgrade, and after reaching certain levels, their skills can be improved, and they will begin to help more effectively. This is important for You and for them, as their remuneration improves, but Your expenses also increase. This is worth remembering. Since we are responsible for those who are employed. If there is no money, they will run away and never come back to You.

Let’s slowly move on to the technical part of the game. The graphics here are not top, but quite pleasant. It can in certain scenes please gold diggers with excellent views and landscapes of Alaska. I liked the music performed at a good level. A variety of motors in technology buzz quite convincingly, the sound from them is dispersed quite according to the laws of physics. Only slightly adjusted, but within the limits of common sense and reliability. In General, everything that is connected with the work of the gold digger and the tools is well-voiced.

In general Gold Rush: The Game came out as a rather unusual game. We are given a really unique opportunity to walk in a gold prospector’s shoes, and later a monopolist in the sphere of development of gold-bearing lode in one of the regions of Alaska.