Deep Rock Galactic Review

Deep Rock Galactic is a shooter in which players are space dwarves, they dive for resources in the rich and dangerous bowels of the burned planet Hoxxes IV . The intergalactic mining Corporation with the same name as the game is known for not caring about safety measures for employees and offers only huge salaries and bonuses for the extraction of precious materials and other items. Before the start of missions, a landing location with different fossils is selected and a minimum instruction is given. Tasks sound simple, but even with freedom of action, they can cause complications. The goal is not only to find everything you need, but also to get out alive.

The locations of the Hoxxes IV caves are dark, hostile, and procedurally generated, so each sortie is unique in its own way. Missions change over time, and useful or harmful modifiers are added. The terrain is completely destructible – a wall with a pickaxe can be turned into a ladder, it is possible to drill a wall, and so on. The lighting system is praiseworthy, but you should not expect complex physics from the game – the stones, in the best traditions of Minecraft, hang in the air.

Expeditions for resources are more like sorties into the enemy’s rear – the planet is so unfriendly that the mining station had to be built not on the surface, but in orbit. This station became the starting point for all missions – and at the same time one of the most original and cozy hubs in such games.

The game has a huge opportunity to personalize workers without micropayments, a lot of perks and alternative weapons: you will have to work hard to purchase them. The main distinguishing feature of Deep Rock Galactic – there is no mindless and stupid grind for the sake of new numbers, improvements are also not required. But the system of progress in the game is deep and thoughtful – it is recommended to make the character as comfortable as possible and more adapted to the adversity of the gameplay and the surrounding world. However, the biggest difference between characters who spent 3 hours in the game and 300 hours in the game is their experience and ability to make wise decisions.

Before starting the game, we are introduced to a detailed guide, which contains most of the necessary information for a beginner. The introduction is short, unobtrusive, and carefully thought out, but most aspects will have to be learned in practice. Then we get to the hub, where the most important objects are located: a cabin, computers for distributing skills, leveling equipment, choosing a mission and wardrobe. The place of honor at the station is occupied by the «Abyss» bar, where our wards drink beer and dance to the incendiary melodies of the player. Beer takes a special role in the life of a dwarf and strengthens team spirit, but, of course, the Corporation is against such leisure.

Deep Rock Galactic has four character classes: shooter, scout, engineer, and driller. Everyone has torches to light the dungeons, their own weapons and unique abilities. The shooter perfectly destroys opponents and pulls ropes, the scout lights up caves and quickly moves to inaccessible places, the engineer puts turrets and platforms, the driller destroys rock and blows up surrounding objects. The ideal party consists of four participants of different classes who complement each other. In addition, the help will be provided by an obedient robot container M.U L. By the way, one session will take an average of 15-30 minutes.

Underground tunnels are home to insect-like creatures who are not interested in being disturbed. The swarm contains almost forty different species of creatures-from harmless larvae to floating and roaring dreadnought giants. The greatest danger is when players are simultaneously attacked by hordes of enemies.

And your main enemies in Deep Rock Galactic are not even plentiful underground insects with a size classification from heel to house. This is the landscape and the constant lack of light. The entire gameplay is based on the interaction between light and dark, which is one of the main features of the game.

After a while, you just start to be afraid of closed spaces, where it’s easy to get lost and easy to be devoured. You start to be afraid of open spaces where you can easily fall into some hundred-meter abyss if you don’t pay attention. But just care and will be your main quality throughout the game, allowing you to find the necessary resources, passages between locations and just survive.

The climax of all that is happening is the final mission, when after collecting all the necessary resources, your team calls a rescue ship to evacuate on it. And when the ship lands at a great distance from you, the reverse timer turns on and begins a severe test of your individual skills and the skills of the entire team as a whole. Each member of the team can significantly help in moving to the ship, doing what other classes can not, drilling a road through the thickness of the rock ahead, or help to climb to a seemingly inaccessible peak. But this is all, of course, ideally – in practice, it is not surprising to get stuck in the rock thickness 10 meters from the ship because the driller ran out of fuel for the drill – I still can not understand how this happened)

Atmosphere. The dwarves are always muttering to themselves. For example, when preparing for a flight, one of the dwarves may say » So, admit it, who didn’t wash yesterday?” And remember, in any unclear situation, press the V key! In the local world, this can Express absolutely any emotion! Are you kidding? V! do you want to say thank you? V! Successfully defended against the swarm? V! Rock and Stone! In the Radioactive zone, you will find “poisonous » crystals, the forest Biozone will meet you with large cacti, in the Mushroom swamps, prepare to suffocate from the stinking poisonous spores, Magma caves will literally set fire to your geppu, and Ice layers will cool it. In the local lobby, as mentioned earlier, there is a chic bar, and if you have drunk too much, turn on the music and dance! Oddly enough, the jukebox is located directly opposite the bar.

Soundtrack. The music composer did his best, the music perfectly matches what is happening on the screen. I was ecstatic, fighting off my first swarm. And you know, after 100 hours, surviving a swarm is just as atmospheric! At the end of the mission, you will also run to the capsule with beautiful music.

Verdict. This is a game that you just enjoy playing. Developers always listen to their community, and with each update, the game is transformed. I am especially pleased to go into it after a hard day, and enjoy the game. I take an available assignment and go digging, knowing in advance that I will enjoy it.