Satisfactory Review

The idea of colonizing a planet is both very appealing and terrifying. Destroying local flora and fauna, polluting the atmosphere, deforestation and at the same time conquering unknown expanses, getting to know the local beauty, extracting resources and endless opportunities for development and construction. Getting acquainted with Satisfactory.

The Swedish Studio Coffee Stain, known for the shooter Sanctum and the mad goat simulator Goat Simulator, decided to release a factory-building project. Many of the ideas developers have spied on the popular Czech product Factorio, but the appearance of the first unsightly transformed using the Unreal engine. The three-dimensional game is very beautiful and wonderfully detailed, which seduces in a matter of minutes. The action takes place in the first person, and the player can see both the legs and hands of the character.

However, Factorio fans, spoilt for the convenience of their favorite game, will snort and grumble. They won’t like a lot of things here.

At Satisfactory, we act as an employee of FICSIT. In a space capsule, we are sent to an uninhabited planet and asked to choose one of four biomes. Our goal is to pump as many minerals out of the world as possible. After landing, the main character, armed with a xenoshocker and an object resembling a chisel, begins to get acquainted with the location. The local creatures, with the exception of a couple of friendly ones, are extremely negative towards us. They feel that the character has come to their beautiful homeland to disfigure it with metal and concrete structures.

To begin with, the character puts a hub base and starts searching for resources. At first, they will be iron and copper ore, limestone and coal. As we explore the world, we will learn about other fossils.

You can use the workbench to convert raw materials into other materials and products. You can improve the base, add production buildings, build energy facilities, organize conveyor belts and elevators, lay pipes, lay foundations and build walls, but first you will have to work hard to understand all this abundance.

One of the main buildings will be a monumental space еlevator. After collecting a certain amount of parts, it goes to heaven and brings new recipes and goals to build the next batch of materials. We start from scratch and gradually expand the base so that we can build a fully autonomous and self-sufficient production line. Building lines is the basis of the gameplay in Satisfactory. After you get used to making and mining everything manually, it’s time for automation. Drilling rigs will extract ore from the depths, the furnace will melt the ore into ingots, the designer will create a plate from the ingot, for example, the assembler will combine two parts into one advanced one. And then you send the final products to the greedy bosses.

Gradually, the world around us will turn into a colossal industrial empire, and we will get new gadgets, tools and weapons that will simplify sorties and please with useful properties.

Naturally, the machines need electricity to work. It is produced by a biomass incinerator connected through a network of cables and electric poles. The buildings are equipped with a display that shows the power consumption. Burning biomass is not the most efficient form of energy, since it requires leaves, wood, or remnants of native creatures to create fuel, and they have to be extracted manually. Here, a coal-fired generator that runs on coal and water comes to the rescue, and these resources are directly «pumped out» without unnecessary manipulation. In the future, we will have oil and even more productive types of energy.

Perfect production in Satisfactory works for the player. Huge conveyors collect everything from the simplest plates and cables to intricate supercomputers and turbo engines. The last two components are created from four components that are assembled from a number of other parts. To collect the most complex of them, you have to build more than one production chain and master a lot of different directions – the production of steel, electronics, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and so on.

There is something insanely attractive about automating processes and micromanaging huge machines, which makes Satisfactory an entertaining pastime. The units are connected to each other by conveyor belts and pipelines, so raw materials can be delivered from anywhere in the world. In the game, it does not matter where to put the car – on a flat foundation or on the ground, another thing is that you want to make every effort to arrange everything the most efficiently and accurately. The question is not only in aesthetics, but also in simplifying the game process and understanding what is happening. The main challenge for the player is how to place everything, deliver it and make it as attractive as possible.

Satisfactory is definitely not a game for everyone. After understanding the basics, you will want to constantly make factories more productive, and, accordingly, engage in planning and regular restructuring. It seems that you have reached the ideal? But soon new thoughts come to mind and a desire to redo everything. Understanding production processes can make you draw another database on paper, and perhaps even make calculations in Excel. Giant structures will look like a web with no sense or order to the naked eye. But you know exactly where the bolts are created in this mess, where the sulfur comes from, and where the universal frames are stored.

Briefly about the elements of survival – in the game they are almost absent. There is a reserve of health that can be lost, and hostile creatures. In case of death, the character loses all things and returns to the base. If you want to go back to the scene of the murder and try to take everything. There is a change of day and night, and traveling at night is dangerous, and the lantern is ineffective.

However, there are elements of research here. For example, there are broken capsules on the planet, when you open them for a certain resource, you can find a hard drive with an alternative recipe for manufacturing parts.

Developers also thought about the multiplayer mode. Yes, it has a lot of reservations, but the possibility of playing with a friend is very attractive, especially if you have one. It’s nice that the authors made sure that the owners of the Steam and Epic Games store versions could play together.

The visual part of the game is good, everything is quite detailed, beautifully animated and generally performed very well.

The sound component is super – the construction process has very realistic noise, creating an industrial atmosphere. OST is an excellent, completely stress-free and perfectly complements the futuristic motif of the factory.

Satisfactory is an interesting project that can captivate you for a long time, if you are, of course, ready to engage in construction for the sake of construction. The game can be recommended for purchase, as it can bring a lot of pleasant hours and be completely «your game».