Last Oasis Review

Last Oasis is a post-apocalyptic survival MMO with sandbox elements. Fight for resources, join clans, build mobile bases and fight for survival in the last inhabited oasis on the planet.

The announcement of a new online multiplayer product in the genre of survival these days is rather annoying. Usually these projects are not much different from each other, and developers do not burden themselves with creating a clear tie.  But the Polish Studio Donkey Crew, consisting of modders Mount & Blade, managed to attract the audience to their game with an unusual setting and a detailed backstory.

Last Oasis takes place in the distant future after the Earth and Moon collided with a certain celestial body. As a result, the Moon is destroyed, and the Earth ceases to rotate around its axis. As a result, one side of the green planet turns into an icy Arctic, and the other burns under the scorching rays of the star. However, the Earth continues to revolve around the Sun and there is a habitable strip in the world, for the resources of which the nomad clans are fighting. The sandy strip with interspersed oases constantly shifts and is burned by the infernal heat, so a sedentary lifestyle is impossible.

Humanity has fallen into decline and is living in an advanced version of the stone age. Technology and knowledge are lost, most materials and resources are no longer available or do not exist, so you have to create items from a small set of tools at hand.

It is in this wild world that our alter ego is immersed. The standard menu for creating a character with a choice of appearance without frills-and the hero finds himself in an inhospitable location. Getting to know the mechanics occurs through a chain of tasks, after which we are given freedom of action. The hero gets levels and points that must be invested in increasing damage, health, mobility, and stamina.

Last Oasis stands on three pillars – collecting resources, developing a branching tree of technologies and creating wooden mechanisms-walkers.

As in any survival game, you will have to constantly collect materials from which to create more complex items. The first weapons and tools are made from ropes, wooden branches, stone, and bones.

The main character constantly needs water, but it is the main problem of the planet. Water will have to be boiled out of cacti and aloes or cleaned dirty, located in small reservoirs.

Items of knowledge that are obtained through the killing of local inhabitants and the study of ruins will help you learn the secrets of nature and apply the information obtained in practice. In addition to humans, the planet is inhabited by small animals, humanoid apes-rupu and large desert monsters.

The Poles took the intuitive combat system from Maunt & Blade, that is, the direction of the strike and block is set by mouse movement. In the arsenal of the character there are no throwing weapons, only melee items-clubs, swords, axes, staffs.

The world of the game consists of a huge number of oases-servers, the size of tens of square kilometers. On a large map, they look like Islands-hexagons, are simple and complex, depending on the monsters that inhabit them and the resources that can be extracted here.

To settle for a long time in the Oases will not work – the territory is periodically destroyed by the sun, so you should understand that all buildings, no matter how valuable they are, are temporary. Whether you build from wood, clay, or concrete, everything will burn up in Hellfire sooner or later.

And now we have reached the main and very attractive element of Last Oasis – walkers. Each nomad moves around the world on a wooden mechanical machine, which is driven by the power of muscles and wind. Walkers are local masterpieces of engineering. They delight in appearance, give pleasure when moving and creak pleasantly when the gears move.

Different walkers are designed for different tasks: small mobile – for safe trips for resources, large-for storing materials, huge-for moving clans and wars, and so on. You can install guns, harpoons, chests, modify and improve them.

An important item that will have to be constantly used is a hook. It allows you to cling to trees, rocks, walkers, pull up and swing. A kind of stone age spider-Man.

Last Oasis is a multiplayer game, so a lot of attention is paid to the clans. Moreover, the size of the clans is not limited, which means that the largest clan or Alliance of clans will be the dominant one. Clans help newcomers get used to the game, pump faster, but force them to work for the common good. A necessary symbiosis.

The game is quite hostile to singles. The developers promised that they would support introverts, but so far they are having a hard time. In Last Oasis, there are not only peaceful clans, but also pirate clans that hunt for easy prey, kill the weak, break walkers and take resources. Solo players will have to constantly hide and leave their walkers stuffed with materials in the lobby, a kind of analogue of a safe garage, otherwise in an instant you can lose everything that you have earned by dozens of hours of grindage. However, individuals can for some time quite quietly exist in Oases with low-level resources – they are not of interest to the clans. But if you want to pump faster, see all the high-level content, then be sure to join the clan. Or wait for changes.

It is quite difficult to evaluate the pre-alpha version of an online multiplayer game. It’s too early to single out the pros and cons. The game will be developed and changed. However, many people perceive the Steam release as a full-fledged release and put ratings that may not change in the future.

If you’ve played Ark, Rust, and Conan Exiles and liked the gameplay, then Last Oasis can become a fresh stream with attractive innovations and unique elements. However, if you do not accept the constant collection of resources, monotonous gameplay, then do not even come close to Last Oasis. Both a plus and a minus, depending on your preferences, can be clan confrontations and emphasis on PvP.

There is a great thoughtful setting, nice graphics, interesting development branches, breathtaking walkers, regular updates from hard-working and responsible developers.

The game is very addictive. Soo much. I really liked the concept and implementation of mobile bases. That’s just what I’ve been missing lately in the survival games.  I recommend the game, and I think in the future with the addition of content, the game will give solo-duo-trio players a chance to survive through protection. And in general, the game does not take other people’s ideas, it promotes its idea to the masses, and is now the toughest survivalist