Subsistence Review

Subsistence is a shooter, action, sandbox, and survival game developed by ColdGames for the PC platform.  This game is a survival simulator in a wild environment, namely, in a deep forest. Your enemies will not be other users, as everyone has come to expect, but ordinary animals. They will be your sworn enemies for the rest of your playing days. But in addition to these guys, after a certain time, you will have new detractors in the face of rabid hunters who will try to kill you for the place of game.

Speaking about the advantages of this game, I would like to first of all highlight its main advantage — it’s graphics and a well-developed system of lighting and shadows. These two factors have a huge impact on the transmission of the atmosphere of survival in this game.

In the game you can find not a standard set of newcomers, namely: an axe, a pistol with bullets, and a lighted wand. Unexpected, isn’t it? Instead of a boring torch, we were given a stick with a reagent inside. This is, of course, quite strange, but still a pleasant innovation. Pistols in the beginning of the game in other survivalists respectively are not issued, but here it is available and I will tell you that this is not for nothing. In addition to wild animals, there are also hares and chickens in the forest. And if you can still catch a chicken with your bare hands, then you can not dream of a hare. This paw-eared shit is not going to be easy for you. You can’t bait him with a carrot, either, because of its absence. But a pistol bullet easily catches up with him, which cross-eyed is not happy about. But for us, his death will be useful, because we will get a valuable skin and of course meat. Pistols and rifles are good, but I would like to merge more with nature, bow or crossbow for hunting would be perfect. I think that these things will not be superfluous in the game and I hope that in the future they will still be added to the Arsenal.

Another unusual addition are the two scales of the character’s needs: protein and vegetables and fruits.

For some reason, our character is constantly lacking protein in the body. And while you will try to fill his body with protein, the hunger will be satisfied accordingly 5 times, with the top. It can also be attributed to the need for vegetables and fruits. As long as you fill this scale, the hunger is also automatically replenished. In short, starvation in the game you are not exactly in danger.

In addition to all this, the developers added a small change in climate conditions. But only in temperature mode. With the onset of night, the temperature of the environment begins to drop sharply and it would be better to have a fire by this time, otherwise you will simply freeze to death and only a beautiful monument will remain of you. If you didn’t die in the house, but somewhere in the wasteland, you will be very lucky if you can find the place of your death and pick up all the lost things. Although the map is not the largest, it will be very difficult to return to the same place.

Speaking of the location and its size, it is really not so big, but not the smallest. The border of the map is surrounded by a fence, which is almost impossible to climb over.

Continuing the topic of temperature, I will say that the higher you are, the lower the ambient temperature will be. So, for example, on the lowlands, the temperature does not fall below zero at night, but in the mountains, the sub-zero temperature is maintained even during the day, so survival is not provided there at all. For neither warm clothing nor a fire will save you. You’ll live on first-aid kits all the time, and when they run out, the ground will be snow for you. Amen.

As for wolves and bears as sources of food and supplies of hides. First, they are unrealistically difficult to kill until you make yourself a rifle. It is better not to try to kill a bear with a gun, but a wolf of the first level can be mowed down, although it is pointless. Secondly, bullets to kill a bear or  a wolf will require a lot, but useful resources from them will be very small. With great success and economy, it is better to shoot at cross-eyed people. Fewer rounds will go.

Initially, going into the game, it may seem that there is nothing special to craft. In the main menu, except for the house, weapons and first aid kits, there is nothing. It would seem that you can build a house in a couple of hours and that’s it, the game is over, there is nothing more to do in it. But as soon as you put a shield at home, you will open an additional menu for creating other items (refrigerator, bed, stoves, water generators, and so on). In general, you can create things that run on electricity. And believe me, in order to put in your home all the devices available in crafting, you will need more than one day of play. Fortunately, then there are hunters and you can at least have some fun while you rebuild your base to the point of failure.

During construction, bags and boxes that are randomly scattered throughout the location will help you a lot. In them you can find the necessary materials for construction, as well as tools, food or medical supplies.

Will sum up and say that the game is very exciting in its genre. I advise you to start the game at a normal level of difficulty. On easy it is too simple, and on difficult you will constantly bandage your ass from the constant torment of bears and wolves, and resources will rarely come across, which will delay the gameplay for up to several months. But playing alone, you will quickly get bored. Overall, I liked the game.