Terminator: Resistance Review

Resistance is a 1984 prequel to ‘’Terminator’’ and a sequel to ‘’Terminator 2: judgment day’’. All subsequent  films the game ignores and even more purely eventful does not relate to the «Dark fate». The action takes place in 2028 in Pasadena, near Los Angeles, and we play as a Resistance fighter Jacob Rivers, who was the only survivor of the entire Pacific division — it was sent here to help civilians.

The story is built according to the canon. There is John Connor, and the cybernetization camps, and the creation of a time machine, and the storming of the SkyNet center. Plus a lot of references to movies — similar music, information from numerous notes, canonical types of terminators and plasma weapons.

And most importantly, there is still the same key motive that moves the entire story — SkyNet begins to hunt for our hero and sends the first «infiltrator», one in one similar to a person, to his soul. So this is actually the future Schwartz, sent then to kill Sarah Connor.

There is a post-apocalypse, first-person view, pumping, upgrades for weapons, digging in every trash can and examining all the rooms for money and various junk for crafting consumables, variable dialogues, side quests, the ability to make friends or quarrel with colleagues.

An important point is the presence of a fairly extensive system of dialogues in the game, with which you will not only be able to delve into the plot, or into the story of the life and survival of a particular character, but also get side quests. In addition, your cues and decisions can also affect the course of the game and the ending to which you will eventually come.

Even before the main events of ‘’Terminator: Resistance’’ wrap up and Jacob Rivers re-joins the active army, he meets a group of survivors traveling by bus. It is from them that he mostly gets additional quests, communicates with them, they tell Jacob their stories, you can make friends with them, and dance with some girls.

At some point, one of them will be very afraid for the little brother who climbed into the ruins in search of «swag». You can, like her, scold the boy or, on the contrary, support him in this endeavor. In another situation, we decide whether to tell the soldier’s wife about his death or lie. These things also affect the relationship with the NPC, and we will eventually influence whether some of our friends will survive or die.

The role-playing system itself in Terminator: Resistance is quite simple. For all completed quests and killed enemies we get experience points, and at new levels-skill points that can be invested in pumping abilities from three branches. And in addition to the expected, purely combat skills such as damage resistance and skill with weapons, there is, for example, the pumping of breaking locks and hacking. And hacking in both cases is designed as a mini-game.

Also, in fact, in the form of a mini-game is presented pumping weapons. Collecting special chips from the defeated terminators, we can then insert them into three slots on the plasma guns. Chips increase damage, stability, and rate of fire. And you are free to combine all this in one upgrade-the main thing is that all three are correctly connected to each other. There are a lot of chips, and you can insert them into the barrels at any time — this, as you know, opens up space for creativity.

However, weapons do not always have to be used. On fairly large maps, we are left to ourselves and are free to perform tasks in any order, choosing how to do it — go ahead or look for workarounds and sneak in stealth.

If the door is closed with an electronic lock, and the level of hacking is not enough, almost always there is either a ventilation shaft or a fragile wall that can be blown up. Also, the ventilation will often get around a large cluster of aggressive «iron».

It may, of course, seem that stealth is not particularly necessary. But in fact, you can’t say that Terminator: Resistance is a very easy game. The difficulty here is jumping. At first, everything is too simple, then, with the appearance of the first terminators, you start to literally feel the danger emanating from them and rather hide. With the advent of branded plasma weapons, they become a much easier target, then more advanced models than the T-800 come on the scene, and with them the evening again ceases to be languid.

Exactly as long as we don’t get more powerful guns (especially strong rifle, equipped with «metrovision»). But even after that, the game can throw up problems — for example, with a tank-boss. But craft is really not very necessary-except for the manufacture of lock picks and first-aid kits.

‘’Resistance’’ manages to capture the spirit of Cameron’s war with machines: the iconic theme music and dark blue palette with splashes of red and purple immediately return to the early nineties. HK-drones are circling overhead, T-800s are reproduced in the most careful way, and in the fog you can see a giant silhouette of a robot tank, the very sight of which makes you want to shrink into the wall. So that you understand the level of attention to detail: meticulous fans found in the game references to the official book on the first part of «Terminator»!

One of the drawbacks of ‘’Terminator: Resistance’’ is the graphics. Although, on the PC at maximum settings, everything is not so bad, especially if you do not forget to turn off the movie filter. Of course, the character models are noticeably inferior to modern standards, but this is compensated by good work with light and unexpectedly beautiful architectural solutions, such as a base entangled in red cables or destroyed areas of a once flourishing city.

Behind the unsightly graphics ‘’Terminator: Resistance’’ hides a great project that offers non-linearity, a well-written plot, interesting characters and a really great atmosphere of the dark future. Perhaps the budget deficit is noticeable in animation and physics, but you really feel that the game is made with love.

And, of course, not the last role is played by the sound of creaking metal, heavy footsteps of cars and the hollow echo of the approaching threat. Licensed music with its familiar notes only adds a subtle connection to the original films.

In general, I recommend it to anyone who drags on the Terminator, and wants to get answers to the questions «what happened before the 1st and 2nd parts?». The game is excellent in all the main values of a good product.