Help Will Come Tomorrow Review

1917, Siberia, the train, you go about your business, guided by motives known only to you. When suddenly-an explosion, the train derails. In the next few moments, chaos and fear become the only reality that exists for you. As soon as you come to your senses, you know that you need to get out. But at the exit you are already waiting for the bombers. By some miracle, you escape into the forest. You and a few others. For a few more moments, you are just acting, trying to hide, trying to survive. As far away from the chaos as possible, as far away from this hell and the people who set it all up.

And now, the shots have become quieter, the screams are almost inaudible, you stop to catch your breath. All you have now is your own life and your companions, who may be the last you saw in this world, because they were with you in the middle of cold and deserted Siberia.

This is how your story begins, and your only task is to survive. Despite the cold, hunger, disease, injuries, predators that do not mind eating you, and thugs that are coming for you.

The game is divided into 2 phases: day and night.

You should start at night, because this is the shortest phase. In this phase, the survivors, sitting around the fire, raise their concerns. By initiating a conversation between the characters, you open up a more detailed story of the character, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, which affect everything they do. This information will help you plan your actions more intelligently and anticipate possible problems when working or communicating in a group. For example, sending a girl with a weak immune system on a long expedition may be a bad idea, because it will have serious consequences, and without knowing this feature, it can create a serious problem for the entire group.

During the day, each character has a maximum of 3 activity points, which are spent on each action, except for rest. Their number may be less, this is affected by the state of the character: he may be injured or poisoned, may be deathly tired or hungry. All negative factors can reduce these points and reduce the hero’s productivity to zero. For such a character, you will need to take care of hard and pray every day that his soul does not pass away; after all, an extra pair of hands can be very useful, especially if you consider that they are already an odd number, because on the fifth day you had to cut off one of them because of necrosis.

The very basic needs of people in the game are already familiar to fans of all sorts of horror movies. Almost all people need is food, water, and heat. All this can be arranged for their wards, only sometimes coming out of your lair into the world. In this game, it first seems very small, but it is worth playing a couple of hours, as it becomes clear that already on this map, the main characters can easily get lost and unexpectedly come to the conclusion that it may not be safe to go a few dozen miles from the camp, at least because then you need to go back. And to do this in the dark, the characters most likely will not dare, especially if you need to go a few dozen miles across the icy Siberia, because then you can easily freeze your hands and feet, dislocate something, or even get caught by predators who will not mind eating a person here. Another danger may be the train bombers, who are still walking around with weapons at the ready, tracking down survivors.

There are only a few buildings that you need to survive: a fire, shelter, workshop, quarantine, and stockade. Each of the buildings can be expanded by discovering additional features, but first you need to clear the snow and build the building itself by selecting the necessary resources. So, to create the next building, we do not need to collect exactly fir branches and stones, the game allows you to choose what exactly you will sculpt something from, giving abstract concepts of resources.

Food is also part of the resource system, and here we will get mainly herbs, berries, mushrooms, meat and water. However, it is worth noting that some buildings or items that you can craft still require a specific resource. The antidote requires a special herb, and creating and improving a shelter will often require needles from you.

Now let’s go to the most important aspect of the game: the characters of the heroes that are perfectly revealed. The versatility of the characters is amazing, and you can only learn the characters from all sides over time. By living this moment with them, you begin to better understand their motives and what drives them, what realities they live in. Over time, all this ceases to be a secret. They open up, and you as a participant inevitably begin to like them, regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

The game, in addition to the genre belonging to simulators, boasts another highlight. ‘’Help Will Come Tomorrow’’ is a visual novel! You will have to read a lot, because everything depends on the right choice. Visually, the game looks neat and original. Among other things, I note that the graphics masterfully convey the atmosphere of the game process. During the cold weather, snow crystals will flash across your screen, and a frosty morning will be accompanied by a cold fog.

In the dry balance, I liked ‘’Help Will Come Tomorrow’’. It is worth buying, passing with different characters and viewing the main endings. I found a few: a bad ending and a good one when my wards were saved. Each new passage will be a special story for you with original features that you will remember for a long time. The time interval for one pass is 3-4 hours, if you approach it consciously.

But it is worth noting that by increasing the level of difficulty in the game, you thereby challenge yourself, open the opportunity to test yourself and really feel all the difficulties and tribulations that have stood in the way of the heroes.  This is the only way to get a truly unique gaming experience and unique emotions. You will again and again want to plunge into the world of cold Siberia, again go through all the difficulties and help the survivors of the train crash.

Personally, I learned from the game the decency of the characters, their selfless desire for mutual assistance, support and love of life. All this prompted me to positive thoughts about this product of Arclight Creations Studio.