Endzone: A World Apart Review

Endzone — a World Apart is an urban planning simulator that takes place in the alternate year 2171. In 2021, a group of terrorists blows up nuclear reactors around the world, and the planet plunges into chaos. The few survivors hide in bunkers called «endzones», but a century and a half after the disaster, they finally go out to the outside world, trying to establish a new society and survive in a monstrously changed world. Players will need to build various buildings, collect useful resources, carefully plan the development of the area and explore territories, as well as protect themselves from various threats.

You can choose from more than 30 types of buildings, the ability to collect resources, their processing, a lot of people’s professions, tasks, managed economy. Each cell on the map has its own characteristics of humidity and radiation, which must be taken into account when building. In addition, it is necessary to avoid droughts, poisonous rains, sandstorms and other disasters that haunt the already exhausted people.

The game begins typically for this genre: the player will need to lay the foundation of their settlement, find a source of water and a place to store it, map out places for fields and homes, and establish resource extraction. The game has a very developed so-called «Rust and Scrap» style. All buildings look shabby, and they are assembled from different «scraps» of foot material.

With an organized approach to the game, your settlement will grow quickly. As soon as the hunters begin to bring meat, and the getters more building materials, the makeshift bars will begin to boil with life. In them, your residents will «wash down» their bitter life with fire water. At first glance, it is not good, but the drought has «drunk» the entire lake and now you have nothing to drink for a whole year! And already the first wretches are suffering from thirst. And the crop dries up and dies! If the heat does not calm down, many will die of thirst and hunger. When the saving rain finally came, you had less than half the population left.

Did you think the rain was saving water from the sky? It’s radioactive! As a result: the fields are infected, and with them the food that is so necessary for survival. And here are the first infected settlers, who are now infertile, which means certain death for the settlement. Fortunately, I already had a medical center, but without a doctor, who, by the way, was quickly found among the same infected. It is necessary to take care at least that the younger generation does not die, and with it the entire settlement. You will have to demolish the old house and the layers of contaminated land that would somehow revive our fields.

And here is the forecast: another drought is coming! Run, you fools! Or save up enough food and water and sit like mice in your homes. Yes, save up… when not a crumb has been left in the bins since last year, and there are not enough people even to eliminate the current pollution. Try to accumulate enough water and gather enough animal feed before the beginning of the drought. Not only that, built a tailor’s house to make fallout-proof clothing. Well, do not forget about the cemetery. The corpses themselves will not be buried! In addition, they are carriers of diseases and sow fear and depression.

Endzone is reminiscent of Anno, but only vaguely. In Anno, the infrastructure is growing and developing and can take up the entire map. In Endzone, you will walk along the edge of the sharpest blade. Any misstep, any miscalculation threatens to become extinct. Your population has aged (or perhaps aged too quickly) and stopped producing offspring. You can drove the same people to the factory, to the field, and to the warehouse. This continued until an epidemic of some local plague broke out. Together with the sand and radio-active storm that had come, it was a death sentence for our village.

Endzone is not a question of victory. As in other games like this, we are talking about delaying the inevitable death as much as possible.

The entire gameplay is a sandbox, but not dry and monotonous, but with surprises  and here it is quite diverse. From old world stories to mysterious murders and family dramas, it is very interesting to read, which dilutes the atmosphere and gives an element of presence in the game.

In short my verdict. If you like urban planning, in which you need to think and you do not need action in the form of raiders, rivers of blood and piles of meat, then I definitely recommend this game.