The game is a unique opportunity to gather a team of friends or go on a solo expedition to the forests of wild reserves and feel like a real Bigfoot hunter.

You will have to hunt in various weather conditions. Both day and night you will track these elusive creatures on the tracks, set traps and baits, place cameras, launch a drone for reconnaissance.

In the game, much attention is paid to the study of the area, you can find abandoned tourist camps, recently inhabited houses of hunters, deep caves.

But remember: Bigfoot is not the only danger in these forests, and you need to protect yourself from other animals, such as wolves and bears.

Various resources that you can collect and use, as well as the ability to set up a camp with a campfire with tents, will help you in your rescue. But can you really escape?

A bit about the plot. Strange incidents began in the spring of 2016. Reports of unexplained disappearances of tourists vacationing in the National Park began to appear frequently in local Newspapers and on television.

Police and local residents repeatedly searched for missing people and often found them dead or even torn apart.

Some eyewitnesses say that they saw something like a huge man covered with fur, and others heard incredible screams from the forest, which are not similar to the sounds of known animals or people.

The police are sure that it was just an accident, because the group went to raft on the river. But only the player is sure that one of the most elusive creatures, called Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is definitely involved.

Just a few days ago, another message appeared about the disappearance of a group of geologists. The player understands that it can’t go on like this and decides to go to the reserve to find out the truth.

Having learned from the newspapers about the missing tourists, we are sure that it was not an accident, but that it was all the fault of Bigfoot.

The game begins with the fact that we enter the van. We are given 8 cameras that need to be placed around the perimeter of the map. You can watch the cameras in the van (after the summer update, you can do this from your tablet). Meat and traps are also given, the meat attracts Bigfoot, and the trap does not cause much damage. I have a rifle and ammunition. Regular cartridges and cartridges with a sensor, after shooting a Bigfoot, we can follow it for a while by opening the map. We also have access to a signal gun and missiles, a rope to bind the Bigfoot, a night vision camera with batteries. Rifle as well as traps, Bigfoot removes a little HP. So stock up on ammo.

When a Bigfoot gets caught in a trap, it makes a loud sound. Pay attention to the HP strip, since Bigfoot can scream just like that, not because of a trap.

On past hunting for Bigfoot, we have 2 more tasks, this is to tie up Bigfoot, take him to the van and put him in a cage. And an additional task, you need to find 4 corpses.

It is worth noting that after the innovations, the game has become even better, but there is something to strive for. Plus, I can note that this game, unlike its counterparts, has as an enemy Bigfoot (in other games, another enemy), which, unlike all, attacks very rarely, which saves some intrigue.

I love all games of this kind, but since the enemy attacks very rarely in this game, I value it above others. Developers, keep up the good work!