Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

Tank Mechanic Simulator is a World War II tank mechanic simulator. Players in the role of the owner and caretaker of the tank museum will have to serve iron monsters, carefully examining every millimeter of tracks, towers and hulls, so that the tanks are in perfect condition. All this, of course, to create an ideal, historically correct exposition.

The game’s gameplay consists of several stages, the essence of which is not only to repair. First of all, you must find the abandoned tanks. You will need to form your own team of various technical specialists and conduct research before you start searching.

Once you have found the location of the tank, you go in search of it in your off-road truck. Interesting is the fact of the implementation of the day and night cycle, which brings realism to the game, so you can search and dig even at night.

Finding a tank will be much easier if you talk to the locals. And so, by narrowing the search area, you can use a metal detector to determine its exact location. After setting the excavation area, you can get the tank. This part of the game is quite simple, because all you need to do is just click the mouse. After you get this tank, you will have to transport it to your own storage room.

You need to understand that the extracted tanks will, in most cases, be unworkable and damaged, so you will need to restore them to their former appearance. To do this, you need to determine what needs to be repaired and start creating. Players can disassemble equipment literally by a screw, clean off rust and dirt, paint and do many other things related to the repair of complex equipment.

In General, the restoration process consists of several mandatory steps that must be done before putting the tanks in the Museum. First of all, you must clean all the dirt from the tank, remove all faulty and rusty parts. you can fix damaged parts yourself or buy new ones.

To make the tank presentable, you will also need to sandblast the entire tank, apply a primer layer and paint it as you want. the mechanics here, as with the excavation, are very simple – all actions can be done with a single click. Your paint options will be visible on the screen, and the process status will be visible on the right side of the game screen.

Finally, the fully restored tank will be displayed in your Museum, where visitors will be able to admire it. But this is not all, you will have to post information boards around the new exhibit and share interesting facts about it. Moreover, you will also need to get inside the tank and run it to please your visitors.

Tank Mechanic Simulator can be proud of its great visual effects. All tanks look like their real copies. With each tank in the collection, the Museum’s Treasury is replenished. In addition, there are special polygons where you can run around the assembled vehicle and even shoot from it. Not immediately — you will have to first upgrade your skills, but the opportunity itself is available.

Tank Mechanic Simulator provides a great experience for fans of World War II simulators and equipment. The game offers very detailed and realistic images of tanks, so it seems that you really bring them back to life. In total — if you like games of this genre, then this game is just for you.