Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

The real-time strategy game «Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn» was released in 1995 by American developer Westwood Studios, and the game was one of the first for PCs on two CD-ROMs due to its size. The reason lies in the abundance of video screensavers that are interesting to watch even today. A year later, Westwood Studios added an offshoot, «Red Alert», which also found its army of fans. Both games have received many sequels, and they remain interesting even today.

The American developer decided to please fans of two classic real-time strategies by completely redesigning them in 4K resolution. The project was also developed by former employees of Westwood Studios, who later moved to Petroglyph. They were able to refresh their memory and took into account the wishes of the C&C community.

The Remastered Collection contains all three add-ons in addition to the classic games «Command & Conquer: Siberian Dawn» and «Command & Conquer: Red Alert», namely «Command & Conquer: The Covert Operation», «Red Alert: Counterstrike», and «Red Alert: Retaliation».

In addition to many revised features, the Remastered Collection also includes new features that were not present in the original 1995 and 1996 games. Among them-the «Fight» mode in Tiberian  Dawn, zoom maps and customizable keyboard shortcuts. You can also switch between classic graphics and improved 4K at any time by space. There is a new bonus gallery and support for mods in Steam Workshop. Quick one-on-one games and a leaderboard are now available in C&C strategy. There is also a replay and observation mode. There is also a map editor.

In total, the game has more than 100 campaign missions and updated cutscenes. Console missions, reworked music, and a player are available for PC. Improvements were made to the side menu of the interface. C&C fans are waiting for two secret missions «Funpark Dino» and «Ant», but they will not be able to get access to them during the normal passage of the game. The developers promise to publish some hints soon.


The C&C series can be played on a set-top box, but it’s best to use a PC. However, it is much easier to control units using the mouse and keyboard. The C&C management system was later used in many other strategies, so there will be no problems with getting used to it. With the mouse, you can select units or deselect them, and then assign goals. The Tab key switches the camera to the current event.

In addition to the three difficulty levels, you can change the speed of the game, which makes it easier for newcomers to the world of C&C to get used to, since the movement of enemy units will be slowed down.

As with many other real-time strategies, C&C requires building a base and protecting it from enemy attacks. The base will be attacked by both infantry and military equipment, ground and air in the form of planes or helicopters. You can build different buildings with different functions. But when expanding the base, you need to monitor the sufficient level of energy generated by the generators. If the power falls below a certain level, the protective modules will stop working. For this reason, many attack enemy generators first, in order to weaken the defense for a subsequent invasion of the base. But the Finance should not be forgotten, in the universe of C&C money are of paramount importance. So the gamer should have enough Tiberium/ore collectors to keep the balance above zero.

To emerge victorious on the map, the enemy must be completely destroyed. It may happen that an enemy infantryman is lost somewhere, so you will have to re-view the entire map until it is destroyed. Experienced gamers use various tricks to push the «fog of war» as far as possible.

In the first part of the game, the gamer is asked to campaign for the Global security Council (GDI) or the Nod Brotherhood (Nod). If you choose GDI, the gamer will have stronger units with a focus on fire support and missiles. But they are also quite expensive. In the nod Brotherhood, units are cheaper, but also weaker. But the Arsenal is more extensive, in addition to firearms and missiles, lasers and flamethrowers are available. There are other subtleties that we will not dwell on in the review.

The same applies to the «Command & Conquer: Red Alert» campaign, where you can choose the side of the Alliance or the USSR. The Alliance has a lot of fast units with special abilities, but weak firepower. The Alliance’s strong point is the Navy. The range of the USSR slow, but powerful units and good aircraft. So the battle tactics must be chosen based on the strengths of the units.

Both sides have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to fully immerse yourself in the game, it is recommended to pass it for both sides. Sooner or later, you will form your own preferences for battle tactics and your favorite units will appear.


The stories » Command & Conquer: Siberian Dawn «and» Command & Conquer: Red Alert » did not change in the Remastered Collection. Except that the voice accompaniment was improved and the cutscenes were reworked.

The action of «Command & Conquer: Tibetan Dawn» takes place in an alternate reality, where the main value is a mineral called Tiberium. Its peculiarity is very high energy intensity. And after the fall of a meteorite in the area of the Tiber river (hence the name), the alien mineral began to spread across the planet. Thus began the race for the spoils of Tiberius. An ancient secret society calling itself the Nod Brotherhood took an interest in Tiberium and began investing in the development of tools for mining and processing Tiberium, ahead of the relevant developments of the scientific community. Soon, the nod, led by a charismatic leader known as Kane, has gained control of about half of all supplies, and with their help is gaining a huge army of followers around the world.

Soon, a series of terrorist attacks takes place around the world (of which one, committed in a fictional shopping center in Vienna, is shown at the beginning of the introductory video). Responsibility for the attacks was quickly assigned to the Nod Brotherhood, after which the UN Security Council came to understand that Kane and his organization were launching a campaign of global terrorism, and organizing an international military coalition called the Global Defense Initiative (GDI). As a result, the conflict between the two sides takes the form of a global war on terrorism, which later became known as the first Tiberian war. The game campaigns start soon after the appearance of Tiberius, although the specific time frame is not specified in the game.

As for «Command & Conquer: Red Alert», a team of scientists led by albert Einstein decided to change the course of history by developing a time machine. As a result of the trip to 1924, it is possible to eliminate Hitler, but it did not prevent the Second world war. In the alternative history, Germany does not really start a war, but the unrestrained Soviet Union, led by Stalin, is undertaking a massive offensive on Europe.


The first two parts of the Command & Conquer strategy are already 25 years old, but the gameplay is still exciting. Thanks to the improved graphics, the Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert do not seem outdated.

Compared to the old games, many modern hits are more dynamic and fast, but the speed of Remastered Collection can be changed in settings. But for beginners, we recommend setting the slow mode. And only after getting acquainted with all the features is it worth switching to high speed.

It should be noted that the developers worked closely with the community of gamers. As a result, many elements of the original games were improved and optimized, which had a positive effect on the gameplay. There is nothing superfluous in the Remastered Collection, since the classic » Siberian Dawn «or» Red Alert » is easy to spoil with unnecessary innovations. I liked the quick ability to switch the graphics mode between the original and remaster by pressing the space bar.

Based on reviews, C&C veterans have received the Remastered Collection well. It seems to me that the game should be purchased not only by fans of the series, but also by all users who are not familiar with it. Yet one of the best real-time strategies has already gone down in history. And if you like this genre, don’t miss .