House Flipper Review

«House Flipper» — this is a simulator of a repair team, the player will become a kind of repairman, who is both the boss and directly performs all the rough work. The player will be assigned various tasks, all of them related to the repair of houses. The entire process of the game is conducted in the first person, various tools for installation, cleaning, demolition and decoration, all this will be the main tool of our hero.


According to the» story», the player has his own shack, there is a laptop with which he can take orders, as well as a tablet through which he will place orders in an online store, buying various plumbing, interior items and much more.

Starting from the first minutes, we are given the most simple tasks, by type: take out the trash, clean the apartment, clean the stains with a broom, and so on. Then they add more and more new tasks that increase the level of difficulty: dismantling the wall, masonry walls, painting the room, etc. Almost every task has a small background story told by the requester. Someone wants to have two bedrooms, instead of one, another wants to see more pictures in the house and a flower, the third wants modern technology and one bedroom, no more! And someone is generally happy to convert the bunker into a room with a shower and bunks for his mother-in-law.

After making repairs and putting the house in order, a new stage follows – this is the sale of the house. For 100% fulfillment of the order with all conditions, we will get a good amount of money. Money in the game really motivates us to do as much work as possible to quickly buy a beautiful and cozy home. As the game progresses, we open an electronic store directly on the tablet and there we can buy the necessary range of furniture and other things. There is no battery in the house? No question, buy and install. No shower? Buy and install.

The game does not let you get bored, each time making you think what is best for a particular house. In normal tasks, we do exactly what customers want, but when we buy our first home for resale, that’s when our internal designer turns on. Before you start working in a purchased house, you need to get acquainted with potential customers and their wishes. If you do everything to your taste, you will only be able to sell the property at a price that will not justify your costs.

You know, there is a certain buzz in the game when you buy an abandoned house with a lot of problems: harsh unsanitary conditions, shabby furniture, mutilated floors and walls, and after many hours of “work” just get high from the result. It is also very interesting to equip your workhouse. Although, in fact, we still will not use most of the furniture or services, it is all done more for internal satisfaction.

Graphically, the game looks really good. The developers tried to make the entire interior of the house and environment as realistic as possible. There were no problems with optimization either. On the average settings of the graphics, there was absolutely no sagging in fps and no braking. However, the absence of the night sky, stars, sun and moon was noticed. Sound design is almost absent in the game. The music is rather quiet and monotonous, it is much better to turn on your favorite on a third-party player and enjoy the peace and quiet.

And now the main question: is the game worth your money? I believe that Yes, it is worth it. Despite the insignificant disadvantages, the game can capture for long hours of play and quite relax, especially after a hard day’s work, provided that you do not work as a foreman. House Flipper is quite original in the simulator environment, it is interesting to play it, and it drags you for quite a long time. It is worth noting that «House Flipper» managed to win not only positive responses from many players, but also managed to get a couple of awards in the gaming industry.

We hope that further additions will be added to the game for free.