Breathedge Review

Breathedge is an ironic adventure game about survival in outer space. Players will try on the role of a simple guy who just drove his grandfather’s remains to a space funeral, and found himself in the vortex of an intergalactic conspiracy. By chance, the space hearse crashed and its cargo fell out in space. Players will have to save the cargo, uncover the world’s conspiracy, and, to a heap, save the Princess — and all this because of a series of stupid accidents.

It’s been two years since the original Breathedge was released. The first Chapter stood out from the competition with its cynical humor and corporate style, but it was repelled by a short campaign. On September 3, 2019, the game received a major update that added tens of thousands of words, fifteen resources, and new features.

Reviews of the game often say that the game is “too complex, and the character always wants to breathe, drink, and eat.» Redruins Softworks took the criticism into account and added four difficulty modes. Now everyone can play Breathedge in comfort.

In the second and third chapters, they added the construction of a base, their own rocket, and robots, but this was not enough in the first. Initially, I noticed new resources. Perhaps it seemed to me, but in addition to new important and not very important items, the developers have increased the number of cylinders with oxygen, food and water.

In the new episodes, the developers have diversified the craft. For example, you can make a fancy scrap, assemble an energy suit or research table. This is very similar to the Subnautica simulator.

The man will have to collect materials, blow up the liner, study dozens of schemes, build his own base, vehicle and listen to the cynical hints of the suit, the purpose of which is to kill the Man rather than help him.

In the new episodes of Breathedge, the Man is not alone. In space, there are cute robots that do not particularly like the presence of a biological organism in the galaxy.The greatest pleasure comes from space exploration. Unlike the usual grim survival simulators, in Breathedge you want to live, not survive. Redruins Softworks Studio has done a great job on the style and content of the game world. Among the useful resources, you can find hundreds of artifacts. Here you will find a traumatic mug in the form of a shark, posters about th  ‘’benefits’’ of mortgages and other collectible items that tell the story of humanity. And flying from the Shuttle to the next point does not get tired of looking at the thousandth asteroid and look into the infinite distance. Breathedge has some magic of its own, you want to return to it.

Аs for the graphics, the designers tried to work on every detail. This inspires confidence and allows you to enjoy the virtual world more deeply, to get pleasure and satisfaction from passing. Although, of course, there are those gamers who will say that the picture here is not quite modern. You can’t argue with tastes, but I’m sure that most of the audience will rather like the graphics than the other way around.

The gameplay, to a greater extent, is tied to working with the right and left mouse buttons. Here you will need to explore the virtual world, and it is very interesting, look at photos, view cassettes on TV, solve various tasks and pass the storyline. I will not say that the game is very difficult, because you will not notice any too complex puzzles here.

After passing some AAA projects, there are always a lot of questions about whether to buy a new product, how much time it takes to complete it. When dealing with simpler projects, it is much easier to evaluate them — if the game is fun, then it is worth the time and money spent. The game Breathedge brought me a ton of fun. It is sometimes unusual, intriguing, and fascinating. You don’t need to be some kind of genius in the game world to pass this story, so the entry threshold is minimal. Just download and go on amazing trips. It is a great option for those who are tired of flagman projects made under carbon paper.


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