I, Dracula: Genesis Review

Here is a new follower of Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon, the best traditions of all games in this genre, which will try to surprise and impress with new features. The developers focused on endless replayability — they created hundreds of unique items and various weapons, skills, perks, artifacts, strange devices, a huge variety of enemies — and of course, all this is randomly generated, making each journey unique and new.

The story takes place in a distant future that has survived a disaster. Genetic mutants will face mutants bred using biotechnology, and you are one of these heroes who will save the world! Each of them is unique and has many abilities that others do not have.

The main characters are genetically modified hunters who are one of the remaining living forms of life (in addition to other monsters, demons and aliens) that can survive in the harsh conditions of the Earth. When launching the early access version, the player will have the opportunity to choose one of five different hunters, each of them has their own unique combat skills.

The game is a simplified roguelite in which we are landed on the territory of a completely mad world. Flora or perhaps even fauna have an unusual and frightening appearance. Here some monster with a big brain can get a second life if you shoot  its brain, a zombie that has lost its body continues to chase us with its head, along the way growing wings or paws on it. In general, all the enemies, and there are a lot of them here, because not all of them you will see even for a dozen races, have a unique look and unique animation of their actions. By the way, the animations here are very detailed and look beautiful.

Gameplay. It is diverse, it is dynamic, from stage to stage stirs interest by throwing out something new — enemy, a new item (magic, consumable, weapon, secondary weapon, technology, active), mod class and difficulty level, which they call the Universe (there are 4). To begin with, as in Isaac, we have to go an easy and short way, passing 3 levels and 4 bosses. Then in the second Universe, we are offered another level with a new movement mechanics and a new boss at the end. In General, on the third universe, everything becomes even cooler, but that’s not the point. One level consists of interconnected islands on which, as expected, we are waiting for either a fight, or a store, or some object, etc.

On all guns with expendable ammunition, you can put mods that give such chips as reflecting bullets from enemies, returning bullets back, increased damage, but slower flight, and so on. There are also various artifacts, which are also not that much at the beginning. All this content consisting of weapons, enemies, class mods, artifacts and other items is opened either at the end of the race, when you get the final points, or during the race, when you go to the test room and pass it. There’s a lot I haven’t told you and probably a lot I haven’t seen yet.

The game has a unique ability — you can break anything you want  and get money to buy what you like more.During the game, you need to сollect weapons, modify them, and if you don’t like it — break and collect something new from the fragments.

A huge number of enemies will puzzle you for a long time, forcing you to learn their behavior and methods of fighting. The game is not a toy, it needs a serious approach. Death will become your friend, and only through it will you attain enlightenment! Are you afraid of difficulties?  Then this game is not for you.

Communicate and trade with aliens from other worlds, they have a lot of different stuff and sometimes can help you.

There are already more than 1200 items in the game: weapons, artifacts, abilities, alien biotechnologies, disposable and reusable items, activated and passive. you can open and learn all of them, create synergies that even the creators of the game did not think about, win in different ways as much as you want — even after hundreds of passes, there will be a lot of puzzles and interesting mechanics.

In summary, I can say that this is a very original, both externally and visually roguelite, which has a lot of working gameplay elements, as well as a very large stock of content (in the form of enemies, items, modes, levels, objects and characters), which will open as the game progresses. The game is pretty good. And if there are any disadvantages, they are most likely caused by the effect of early access, when not everything is balanced.

Considering all this – a solid 8/10. Very big potential and so far the best, personally for me, representative of Rog-Lite released in early access this year. And considering how many really strong projects have already been released (Cursed of the Dead Gods, Monster Train, Skul) it is a serious request for roguelite of the year.


Play just in good games:D