Earth Defense Force 5 is the long-awaited fifth part of the most insane Japanese series of cooperative shooters about the protection of humanity. This time, in addition to bugs, the Earth is threatened by aliens — the first humanoid opponents in the history of the series.

The essence of Earth Defense Force is simple: on a spacious map, usually in the center of the metropolis, which quickly turns into ruins, a squad of soldiers is landed (all games in the series can be played alone, but, of course, it is really fun to pass them together). Against them from afar crawls a wave of giant, spitting acid, fifty ten-meter ants . Or spiders that fill everything with cobwebs. Or wasps fly, strewing the ground with bursts of sting. Or giant humanoid robots firing lasers. Beat one wave? Hold the second! Perhaps the newly arrived flying saucers will begin to land an endless troops of insects and will not stop until you shoot them down. Or there will be a den that needs to be demolished. Or even get out a monster the size of Godzilla. Good luck, soldiers!

Our heroes are armed with two barrels selected from a huge Arsenal: shotguns, machine guns, snipers, grenade launchers, bazookas, laser guns, homing missiles and a huge pile of useless, but very original «gimmicks». Their ammunition is usually infinite, but reloading particularly powerful barrels can take quite a long time. There are other ways to entertain yourself — for example, machine  equipment (from tanks to large combat robots), air strikes, and much more.

The fifth part of the franchise departs from the storyline of Earth Defense Force 2017 and Earth Defense Force 2025. This time, the action time is 2022, and EDF is represented by a private military сor

poration that is fighting unknown alien life forms that are again attacking the Earth. However, this time the scale of the disaster has become even more apocalyptic, and the actions have gained a level that Michael Bay could be proud of.

The word» realism » developers have crossed out of the dictionary, so players are waiting for a mad shootout in the third person. The single-player game is a bit dull, but in the cooperative Earth Defense Force 5 flourishes thanks to four available classes, combining the abilities of which the brave defenders of the blue planet will turn smoking ruins into saved cities.

Among the innovations — armor on the bodies of enemies, which peels off exactly in the place where you shoot. Bug-like liquids fill everything around and convey the feeling that you are really on an EDF assignment, the developers write. From the new monsters there are rolling bugs, instead of robots –  ten-meter toads with guns that can be torn off hands and feet, and as bosses one mobile fortress that we can not kill until the penultimate mission because it flies away or leaves. Holes with infinite ants are now also missing, only the familiar teleport spikes (well, teleport anchors, instead of holes with monsters) remain. But there are as many as 3 missions where teleport spikes fly in a circle and continuously pour monsters.

Yes, in fact, the game is simple and straightforward in terms of gameplay and setting. The gameplay consists of chaotic shooting of everything that comes across on your screen, including not only big monsters, but also their hives, spaceships and even their brothers in arms (they fly very funny from the rocket-jump).

Well, in the game mechanics, you can find a few interesting points. The local arsenal is rich in more than one M16. Here you will find plasma rifles, snipers, homing rocket launchers, mines, grenades, turrets and much more. The basic arsenal of weapons is distributed among 4 characters, from which you need to choose only one (the character is given under your control). Well, after each successful mission, you will discover new weapons, improvements, and much more. Personally for me, it was always convenient to fight for an ordinary military man, despite the cool jetpack of another character or the cool turrets of a third.

According to the authors, Earth Defense Force 5 has the largest selection of tasks and weapons compared to the previous parts.  For those wondering if this next iteration of the cult series provides enough content to justify the price tag, fear not: leading the brains of the titular resistance, players will battle an alien invasion through levels numbering more than a hundred. To be more exact –  110, which are combined with several levels of difficulty and this means that there are many opportunities to re-pass, you will also collect various weapons, vehicles and various gadgets to complete the most difficult missions of the game.

To sum up, we can say that this game (as well as the entire series) is a symbol of Japanese trash shooters, which definitely deserves attention. Although this part is not far removed from 4.1, released in 2015, but it looks and plays a little better.


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